Unlimited Monthly Membership price remains the same as long as membership is kept active. Membership can be frozen for up to 3 months with a $5/month holding fee. Please allow 10 days notice prior to billing date of which freeze is requested. This can be done via email to yogateam@studiolotusyoga.com. Once initial Monthly Membership is inactive (excluding approved freeze period), if the prices have increased, returning member will be subject to new pricing.

Insufficient payment for recurrent memberships will receive an email with a 7 day grace period to update billing information and account to be charged. Past 7 days, if still not updated/paid, account will be frozen and 1 more attempt at contact will be made. If account not paid within 3 days of second contact, membership will be terminated and member will have to re-enroll.

Any returned checks will be charged $20 per financial institution policy.

Class Cancellation

Due to our limited studio capacity and ensuring the health and safety of each participant, enrolled classes can be cancelled more than 4 hours in advance with no fee. Classes cancelled with less than 4 hours notice, participant will be charged $20. No-show participants will be charged $30.

Release of Liability Waiver must be read and signed by each participant prior to first class attendance. (To be completed in-person in studio). Participants must be 18 years or older and able to sign for themselves. If youth event is held, parent will be required to deliver and sign for minor in person prior to participation in event/class.


Please uphold respect for all instructors, participants and staff at Studio Lotus Yoga all times. Love and respect is one of Studio Lotus’s core values and will uphold it at all times. Any participants not exhibiting respect may be asked to leave and possible inability to return if unable to conduct themselves in an appropriate manor.